Watch Over Me (KRK Security #2) is out today!

Here comes the second book in the KRK Security series, featuring hot bodyguards and the geeks who work with them, friends-to-lovers romance, a bit of action (of different kinds), and opening yourself up to a chance of something amazing.


James was comfortable putting his life on the line for his job, because that was what he knew and what he was good at. He was less good at standing by and letting stupid men get away with things, even if they were his clients. He was dealing with it, though—mostly by decompressing at the office, side by side with the man whose voice was a comfort to him on any given day.

Being a comm specialist wasn’t the kind of job Eddie’s family would have ever picked for him, but he enjoyed what he was doing and he cared about people he worked with. If he cared about one of them in particular… Well. Eddie had resigned himself to his unattainable crush by now.

But then they were both thrown out of their comfort zone when two assignments clashed together in a way no one would have predicted, and suddenly an admission of feelings was far from the most dangerous thing they were facing.

You can purchase it on Amazon or read it in Kindle Unlimited HERE

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