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I’m sure you have all heard by now about the change in EU laws and how it’s necessary for anyone who stores personal data of any kind to receive consent to do so. I’ve enabled the necessary add-ons on the website (you need to agree with the policy to leave a comment, for example), but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. I also included below the basic information about what is stored.

Why do I even process personal data and what I use it for?

If you sign up for my newsletter or to follow the website updates, the data is stored so that you can receive the information you signed up for. I don’t share the newsletter information with anyone. The only data I collect for the newsletter are email addresses and names.

What else is important?

On this site:

  • The consent box in email subscriptions is not pre-ticked by default.
  • I do not share a user’s information with any third-party promoters
  • Before users can leave a comment, they have to give consent by using a checkbox. This site will store comments and information relating to the comment such as the date and computer’s IP address.

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