DC Files/KRK Sec/JM chronological order

All books in DC Files seriesJust Married trilogy, and KRK Security series are set in the same alternate modern world. You don’t have to read them all, but there may be some sightings of familiar characters if you do!

You also don’t have to read them in order, but if you’re interested in that, the list below is for you.

(in the fictional story world, not the publishing timeline!)

DC Files 1 Seek & Find
DC Files 1.5 Cherish & Give (Christmas story only available for my newsletter subscribers)
DC Files 2 Trust & Confidence
DC Files 3 Press & Hold
DC Files 4 True & False
DC Files 5 Give & Take
DC Files 6 Old & New
KRK Security 1 Stand By Me
KRK Security 2 Watch Over Me
Just Married 1 Married Before Christmas
Just Married 2* Married For Now
KRK Security 3* Find Me Again (coming October 2024)
Just Married 3 Married Since Forever

* These two books overlap in the timeline, but there’s no character crossover between them.