Stand By Me (KRK Security #1) is out now!

Stand By Me is the first book in my brand new series, KRK Security, which will focus on the men working at a private security company located in Washington, DC. For the readers of DC Files series, there are going to be some familiar faces, but if you haven’t read it, that’s okay! This series is a spin-off that doesn’t require any knowledge going in.

Either way, if you like hot men in suits (and out of them), characters falling in love while figuring themselves out along the way, and a hint or two of family dramas, you may like this series as well!

And it starts with…

Clay Jackson was still getting used to living in DC after over a decade of being away, but at least he had a job, now. KRK Security seemed like a dream come true and meeting a cute guy on the first day of his new assignment could be an icing on the cake.

But said cute guy was his brother’s best friend. And his brother? Yeah, he hated Clay’s guts.

Mario de Silva had a terrible taste in men, but it wasn’t always the case. His first crush, years ago, had been quite perfect. Now, Clay literally walked back into his life as if they were in a movie, and Mario was determined not to waste this chance.

No matter what.

You can purchase it on Amazon or read it in Kindle Unlimited HERE

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