NaNoWriMo Check-in Post

Remember, remember, it’s “WRITE IT” November!

Wow, one third of the month is gone already! I’ve decided to post a little summary of how those first ten days went for me. I encourage you to share how you’re doing in the comments bellow.

-> word count wise: I’m at ~16800 words, which is about where I’m supposed to be, statistically.

During the first weekend of November my best friend was visiting, so I didn’t write much. It meant that I was behind even before I really started. I wasn’t too worried, though – back in October I planned out my entire month with estimated word count, taking into account my work schedule and other engagements, for exactly that reason: not to spend my time and energy worrying.

! TIP ! Plan your own way. Statistics are one thing, but it’s your own schedule you need to care about the most. There’s nothing wrong with catching up later. And it’s definitely good to know just how much you need to write that specific day to catch up for the loss days.

-> story wise: I needed to make some changes in the outline (my guys weren’t willing to make nice too early), but other than that, I keep moving forward.

-> easiest to write: flashbacks. Those scenes were practically writing themselves. Apparently the teenage versions of my characters are easier to handle than their adult selves. Who knew. 😉

-> hardest to write: political subplot scene I haven’t planned enough for. But I got through it.

! TIP ! “Background of the Thing” isn’t really good enough point in the outline. Shocking, I know.

-> what I’m excited about: I’m engaged in the story now. The beginning was hard, but at some point I just suddenly felt connected to my characters and to what was going on.

-> what I’m worried about: some upcoming days I will have no time to write.


Okay, that’s it, I’m going back to writing my story, not writing about writing it. 😉


If you’re participating in NaNo, how are you doing? Good? Bad? “I’m going to throw it against the wall and then burn it” bad?

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