NaNoWriMo Check-in Post, Part Three & Some Notes From the End

Aaaand we’re done! 🙂 Congrats to every NaNo participant! We survived another year.

  • The third part of the month was the biggest one for me, word count wise. I wrote almost half of my NaNo novel in those last ten days, ending finally at 50 272 words. The story is not done yet, but it’s close and I just need to add some things here and there to have the first draft complete. Wohoo!
  • Story wise, I like how it turned out, even if I know I have to change some things at the beginning, because I went off the original plan a little bit.
  • Easiest to write was sex, again, but also some funny cameos from the secondary characters. I love when dialogue just flows.
  • Hardest part? Well, I know I can write out of order if I decide to skip a scene, but damn, coming back from writing the happy ending to the times when the characters were at odds was not easy. 😉

I’m so happy I’m still excited about this story! Sure, I’m tired after this month, but I also want to keep going and have that first draft finished before I let it cool it off while I work on other things.

Some Notes From the Edge End

I’ve realized that if I’d have more time during this month – like I had in the last part of it – I could, potentially, write more than 50k a month. Which is, in a way, a revelation for me, because I remember thinking that 50k is a pipe dream just over a year ago.
Maybe I would need a second project to push me through, but this is definitely something to think about next year.
(I think I blame Beyond 50k part of the NaNo Forum for that idea, a little bit. These people are crazy in a fun and inspiring way.)

This year I also let myself have two or three days off when I didn’t write a single word. Although it seemed like a good idea at the time, it actually hurt me in the long run. I broke the pattern and it was more difficult to get on with things later on.

And, finally, something that I guess many of the participants are thinking when NaNo is done: making the time to write every day (or almost every day) doesn’t have to – and shouldn’t have to – end when November ends. Hopefully I will stick to it.

Congratulations to everyone, again!

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