Thoughts on rereleasing DC Files series

Seek & Find (formerly Serve & Protect), the first book in DC Files series, is out (and from 12/26 to 12/30 it’s going to be FREE!)

I wanted to rerelease DC Files series for so long, that now it’s finally happening, I can’t quite believe we’re here. The first book is out already, the Christmas story is available for the newsletter subscribers, and the books #2 and #3 are up for pre-order. Things are haaaaappening!

As I was revising the first book, it struck me how long it’s been since I wrote it (2013/2014). I’m a different writer now and the world is definitely different.

When I was writing about Sam managing the campaign that led to (spoiler alert!) the first woman being the POTUS, Hillary Clinton hadn’t announced she was going to run in 2016 elections yet. To be honest, I didn’t think she would. Joke’s on me, because not only did she run, but her campaign manager was a gay man, too.
Luckily, my book was out (or about to be out?) at that point. I didn’t think of Hillary Clinton when I was writing Margaret Galloway. I didn’t think about any of the prominent women in politics at that time. I wrote Galloway how I wanted the candidate to be and that was that.

Today, a few years later, with the world looking so much different, I don’t think I could write this book now. For many reasons. But while I revised, polished, and slightly expanded this book, I tried not to change it too much. Sure, maybe it would be better if I did, since I’m a better writer now. But I also wanted it to be still that story I wrote so many years ago. This was the first serious book I started and for that, it will always have a special place in my heart. So will Sam and Blake (it’s no wonder they’re in every book of that series–I just couldn’t let them go, heh).

I’m so glad to see it back out there in the world.

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