Press & Hold (D.C. Files #3) Coming Soon!

The next book in the D.C. Files series is coming! Press & Hold will be out on April 29th from MLR Press and then a few days later other retailers will follow.

And yes, it’s Stevie and Will’s turn this time!


Stevie Callan is the personal assistant of the White House Chief of Staff and knows all the reasons why dating someone from the press corps is a bad idea. Faced with all the British charm of one of the best reporters in D.C., Stevie’s resolve crumbles, but soon after he finally crosses the line they’ve been balancing on for months now, the news about his father’s illness put everything into question.
Will Newbrough hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Stevie for months and now it finally looks like they may get their shot. But with the new story that falls into his lap, he’s risking more than he imagined when Stevie gets dragged into the middle of it.
When everything they were afraid of becomes real, will there be anything left to recover?

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