Non-anniversary Anniversary Post

I’d been planning to write a post for my six-month publishing anniversary in August, but life and vacations got in the way. So now I’m writing a non-anniversary anniversary post. Just because.

As of now, I have two story published – Running Off the Edge, my debut, came out in February, and Open Endings – in July. It still feels surreal some days, like it has been something I daydream about from time to time. I check my Amazon pages, my Goodreads pages (and other sites) probably more than is healthy, but it also makes it more real for me.

Having my first story accepted gave me an enormous surge of creativity. I’ve written four stories this year (one of them is Open Endings), my wordcount for 2014 is well over 100k for now and still going strong. I get new ideas all the time.
Yes, I know, external validation shouldn’t matter that much. But hell, I’m a writer. Isn’t it like crack to most of us? 😉

So, seven months since my debut came out, I keep on writing. I keep on creating new stories. My to-write list is getting longer and longer, although I try to give my to-edit list some of my time and attention now, too. Just a few weeks ago I submitted another story, the first book in what I’m hoping to be my first published series.
I’m living my dream and it’s wonderful. It’s amazing. It’s what I hope to do for the rest of my life.

Even with all those edits waiting for me. 😉